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Coaching is a collaborative process of self-discovery where both client and coach work together to achieve life-enhancing goals while identifying the obstacles that cause the repetitive self-defeating behaviors that keep one from attaining significant progress.

How I coach..

My style is compassionate, intense, humorous, and exploratory.

My aim is your transformation.

Nothing in nature stays the same. Our bodies are evidence of nature. Many believe that nature lives outside of us. The reality is that we are made up of the same compounds that we stand on, live under, that which we eat, and so on.

We are attached. Attached to possessions, body image, professions, relationships, social media, technology, the list can go on forever. In our need for attachments and/or pleasure, we often forget about our intrinsic desire to become more; to evolve into the wise self.

One of the major attachments that holds us back is the stories we tell ourselves. “I’ll be happy if I get that promotion.” “I’ll be happy when I become a millionaire, if I finally lose that belly, if I meet my soulmate, if I find Pokeman….”

Our inner language or self-talk is the single most important element that manifests the lives we currently live. The thoughts we feel, play in a continuous loop in our minds, becoming mantras, then the mantras are acted upon, then repeated as habit, then the habit becomes routine, then the routine becomes a part of our character, then the character takes over as the self we see in the mirror. When we walk upstream from this, we discover that we are a result of our thoughts.

We live in a very interesting time. Because of the Internet we are offered more opportunities than ever before. With those opportunities come the distractions. The distractions come in all forms: emails, texts, social media, likes, pictures, videos, porn, Uber eats, Amazon, Tai Lopez, this can go on forever.

Our concentration has always been our guiding light and those that have learned to harness the power of concentration have helped modify the world in which they live. With examples of this power ranging from Gandhi to Harriet Tubman--their ability to focus set a clear path for them to follow with courage and conviction.

If given the opportunity, many people who we consider icons could have easily found their way onto Instagram and might never have come back. Can you imagine Einstein would taking pictures of his meals to increase his followers rather than coming up with the theory of relativity?

Many are unconscious. Unconscious to the fact that they can break free from this extrinsic prison. A prison from which they find comfort, and stagnation. Rather than being in charge of your transformation on your own terms, many lives are shaped by the distractions that surround them.

The collective unconscious is being shaped by the propaganda of a select few. Many have lost their sense of autonomy and have felt the pain of ignored messages from the heart.

The feelings can hurt so much that we seek solace in the numbing effects of pleasure. Drugs, alcohol, sugar, and Netflix are the vices that many confuse for happiness. This is not happiness because it is short-lived. Happiness is life-long contentment taking the form of family, friends and the milestones achieved.

Transformation means becoming.

Together, we will grow.

Awareness is the seed.

Accountability germinates.

Habit roots.

Character grows.

True-self blooms.

Wisdom bears the fruit that nourishes those who seek knowledge.


Together, we will trudge out of the mire by building your awareness. You will succeed, when others have failed, because you will be held accountable to the agreements we set forth. Once attained you will then have the capacity to help those you love with the strength and courage needed in today’s world.

Let’s get started. Now.

“True education is not pumped or crammed in from outward sources, but aids in bringing to the surface the infinite hoard of wisdom within.” -Paramahansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi

When one begins to tell a story, where does one begin? At the beginning, but which place was that, exactly? Did it begin when I completed my degree, did it begin with my wife and I deciding to leave her lucrative international teaching position and return the U.S.? Did it start with the interview?

I am uncertain, but this blog is about becoming. This writing represents a worldly education by forced upheaval, by adapt and overcome mentality, by the pure resiliency of the human spirit.

  • This blog entry is authored by my brilliant best friend--Michelle Russell

The following are real quotes from different women who have all written to me to say that they are held back in their quest for health by the men in their lives who refuse to support a more plant-based lifestyle

*This piece was first published on Kelly Sundberg’s blog: No Apology Accepted.

No one knows what it's like

To be the bad man

To be the sad man

Behind blue eyes

-The Who

It finally clicked, I’ve had it. No more excuses, it’s time to go….

Gracie: "Mom, can whales get beards?"

Sunning the gut in Barcelona, Spring 2013

I’ve heard it said, that if your “why” doesn’t make you cry then you’re not hungry enough. What they don’t tell you is that hunger, in the wrong context, will most certainly make you cry--when you realize you cannot stop eating for pleasure.

I volunteer as a yoga instructor on a U.S. Army base in the Bavarian countryside. I know that sounds typical, but this American dream has quite a journey attached to it.

"Audaces fortuna iuvat (Latin)- Fortune favors the bold."


My family and I are American citizens living abroad in Germany, six hours into the future of the reality that has unfolded in Washington D.C.

When I sit alone and ponder

All those deeds of virtuous honor

To downpour answers from the sky

Satisfying that eternal question, “Why”

The idea of soup and salad is metaphorically ambiguous.

What has come up for you in the past when someone offers you the words soup and salad?

Let me guess, “No thanks, I just want to get to my main course if you don’t mind.” There is something more to explore here.

We typically die earlier than we’d like. I figure that I’ll roar towards that inevitable day with a proactive prolonging of time by waking myself up at 5:00 AM.

Two halves complete our tree of life.

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