Okay Fellas—Help Me Understand

  • This blog entry is authored by my brilliant best friend--Michelle Russell

The following are real quotes from different women who have all written to me to say that they are held back in their quest for health by the men in their lives who refuse to support a more plant-based lifestyle

“My husband would never give up meat.” “I wrote meat in my food journal, but I didn’t actually eat any—I just don’t want my husband to know.” “When I tried to talk to my husband about being more plant-based—he laughed at me.” “I’d have to cook two separate meals.”

I can sympathize. I recognize how incredibly lucky I am that my husband and I are on this journey together. I’ve had other relationships where this was not the case, and food can become a dividing factor. I had one relationship where my significant other would literally push his plate away and refuse to eat if he could detect onions.

Okay…so I’m just going to come out with it—what’s up guys? I invite you to answer these questions…Help us understand!

1. Do you not love your partners and want them to feel better than they’ve ever felt? For that matter, wouldn’t you like to know how amazing your body can feel?

2. Do you not want to create new bonds and deepen your love, commitment and sharing with your partner?

3. Do you take issue with retaining your testosterone, hair and power, longer in life, by adopting a healthier lifestyle?

4. Is a cheeseburger really so good that you would ignore the benefits of a lifestyle change for your health and that of your relationship?

5. Is it too hard, are you too lazy, or worse yet-- do you just not love yourself, or us enough to care?

6. Do you secretly fear that if you ate less meat you might be less of a man?

Don’t get me wrong…I know it’s not always the guy. I know plenty of healthy guys, and plenty of supportive guys. I love men, but I am befuddled when so many women reach out with the same issues of non-support.

So fellas—it’s really up to you to help me understand. What is your opposition to being healthier and supporting your women?