Trading Places: Financial Health and Emotional Wealth

"Audaces fortuna iuvat (Latin)- Fortune favors the bold."


My family and I are American citizens living abroad in Germany, six hours into the future of the reality that has unfolded in Washington D.C.

Waking up to the fact that our next president is the quintessential depiction of gambling tycoon/hood "Biff Tannen" in Robert Zemeckis's Back to the Future II, was quite unsettling to say the least. You couldn't dream this scenario up; this is really happening. Just a quick glance at the old Facebook wall this morning had me feeling as dreary as the residents of Berlin when they looked upon their wall for 28 years.

The residents of social media continue to outpour their fearful desires to flee, hide, yell, surrender, kick and scream themselves awake from this perceived nightmare. I felt like doing all of this as well, until something shifted. I thought of the stock market.

I'm not as acquainted with the stock market as I'd like to be. In fact, upon hearing Wall Street jargon, I feel sick with regret that I never learned the language of money. I grew up in the 80's fearful of money because of the movies depicting the horrors of people losing everything in the stock market.

Examples being Oliver Stone's Wall Street, Kevin Bacon's movie Quicksilver-yes I watched that, and of course 1982's Trading Places starring Dan Aykroyd. His character “Winthorpe” permanently branded my brain with the image of him listlessly yanking a piece of Salmon from the inside of his Santa suit to drunkenly consume it while it's tangled up in his dirty-ass Santa beard.

Hell, to this day, I can still hear the words of Don Ameche screaming after he learns he lost his entire fortune in only a few minutes imploring, "Turn the machines back on! Turn the machines back on!"

As my life progressed, I chose to focus on everything else that the stock market wasn't; the beauty and grace of yoga, the compassion of massage therapy, the magic and rhythm of Djing, and most recently, health and wellness coaching to earn my Master's degree. I wanted to study wellness and everything surrounding that noble venture because I wanted to be able to heal myself no matter how dire the situation or how crazed the environment. Both Ralph Waldo Emerson and I are alike in that, we both seek out the divine lessons realized from self-reliance.

Back to now and the stock market. If there was one thing that I've learned over the years, it was the mantra, "buy low and sell high." The overarching idea is to buy a share when the market is depressed for the lowest amount of money, so that one day in the future when the environment and outlook improves, we can sell that same share for a handsome profit, thus enjoying financial freedom.

Knowing this tidbit and seeing the alarming results of this election unfold, I said to myself, "Man, if I had money to invest in the market I'd buy a ton of shares right now while everything seems to be so dreadfully low." Then a bold epiphany came.

I don't have a lot of money, but I do have a currency to trade. In fact, when I look at my “portfolio,” I'm brimming with wealth. So much so, that I can't stop smiling thinking about the fortunes that lay before all of us. This election has provided us a tremendous opportunity.

Looking from afar in my meta-view of the States, I see the majority of you feeling as low as ever; paralyzed with fearful thoughts of uncertainty. Health and happiness seem to be at an all-time low right now because the vast majority of you aren't even considering the very words I just mentioned. You just glossed over them unconsciously so, I'll say it again. Healthand happiness seem to be at an all-time low. Think about that.

What would it be like to dump your negative beliefs in order to free up the emotional capital needed to invest in the growth of your right to health and happiness? How would it feel to dump the antiquated and costly thoughts of pessimism and buy into the priceless value of health and happiness while the price of obtaining both of these are at an all-time low?

I see this as trading emotional places. There is a remarkable opportunity to trade your dead shares of fear for the infinite wealth of health. A conscious move like this would certainly make Emerson smile at your gallantry since he believed that "the first wealth is health."

We have such a grand opportunity to become self-reliant in our inherent nature of becoming loving people whenever we so choose. Science proves that positive psychology and neuroplasticity build resiliency in the brain. By growing both it will improve the quality of your life. So make it a daily habit to nurture your seeds to grow wherever you might find yourself emotionally or physically.

When you buy into this understanding, wear wealth's wreath proudly wherever you go. Whether it's at a grocery store where mobs of people are buying up all the bread, bottled water and batteries they can cram into their shopping cart, or the church where crowds are clamoring in droves to kneel before the possibility of hope and redemption. People will notice you wearing your new wealth, though they won't immediately put a finger on what is different about you.

Be aware that the tallest flower in a field of Daisies gets picked first. This means that people will start to ask you about what you are doing that has your being looking and feeling so vibrant. Tell them your story about how you became wealthy as soon as you decided to do so. Educate them on the strategies you used to turn your frown upside down right smack in the face of certain annihilation. Notice the swelling of your strength lifting your happiness even higher as you pass on the good work of the Gods.

Opportunities are to be had for the brave soul that realizes the magic and wealth of now. Just ask Virgil--“Fortune favors the bold.” In these times that try men’s souls all that can be done is to improve yourself, invest in yourself and believe that good will come.

We cannot in these moments give up and it is our moral obligation to instead, endeavor to be the very best humans we can be and stand ready to bring better times to this world. In health and wellness, we can and will ride out this current turmoil.

Spencer Harber, M.A., RYT, MT