Wake Up

We typically die earlier than we’d like. I figure that I’ll roar towards that inevitable day with a proactive prolonging of time by waking myself up at 5:00 AM.

Voluntarily getting up earlier than you have to and at five a.m., much less, is crazy and in my crazed state I feel intensely. I have more energy and I’m getting tasks done. I feel in greater control of my life knowing that the positives of waking up far exceed the negatives of snoozing. Like Benjamin Franklin said (allegedly because I wasn’t around to hear him say it) “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Though Franklin had his own faults I now see how this logic applies.

Did I need to realize and accept that death is coming for me in order to feel that I need to live more fully? Perhaps. It seems that without death there would be no life, so to fear death is to fear it’s antithesis. Accepting this law allows fresh reserves of creativity to seep into your soul, like flowing water. If something obstructs my flow, I’ll trust inertia and the power of my healthy habits (like early rising) to simply go around it or rise high enough to float above it.

Lean on your obstacles long enough and they will expose their weakness to you, so be aware and prepared to see these obstacles become less and less. Time is perhaps humanities most common obstacle. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I had more time?” How many times have you heard others say, “I don’t have enough time?” If we push against the obstacle, of time, we discover that we can make schedules, get better at planning, get better sleep and get up earlier—all to buy back some precious time and regain a feeling of some control in our harried lives.

Point out the subtle and not-so-subtle contrasts in your day; be someone who takes note. Becoming a great “noticer” fuels your life with the quantity of quality to subconsciously seek for answers. When one becomes a “noticer” and takes the time to notice one gains a greater appreciation for the beauty and subtle nuances of our world.

Just this morning I noticed the way my dog’s coat has come in so fluffy and full, I gave her an extra nuzzle. I noticed the brisk morning’s burning air hitting my lungs and smiled to be so alive. I noticed the stepping tea and appreciated my wife for ordering such lovely things. People like you better when you notice them. You’ll like yourself better. Getting up earlier facilitates the time to become a “noticer.”

Fuel your willpower with glucose from natural food and emotion from your nature to attain what the dull mind labels as “unattainable.” I often fast until noon. From rising to my first meal hunger gnaws and subsides and I remember the power of occasional fasting to clear the mind and create greater energy. At 40 some might say a fit body is beyond them or unattainable. Rising earlier allows one to exert willpower over the body’s desires and make your goals attainable.

Overcome your blockages by being flexible and expanding your borders-- breaking down mental boundaries in order to let more creativity and life into you. This can be done by taking control of your time and gradually rising above your obstacles, altering your thinking and noticing all that you have to be grateful for.

Wake up and stretch your boundaries. You have nothing to lose.

Spencer Harber M.A., RYT, MT